Bird Fogging

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If it has the word ‘fogging’ in the title, you can bet your last dollar it won’t be a good thing, and bird fogging isn’t always known to be a good thing. It’s a system to repel birds that uses a fogging method, and because of this, is a method that should only be used in either semi-open, or entirely open spaces. This is not the kind of bird removal method you could use for a small, badly ventilated attic. Not unless you wanted to ‘get fogged’ too.

Fogging is a method usually employed by large companies to remove flocks or large groups of birds from wider, open spaces, such as parks, golf parks, and recreational spaces. It is also commonly used for buildings, such as government buildings, processing plants, manufacturing plants, and even power plants. All the places you wouldn’t want to see a bird problem, essentially. What you need to remember, however, is that fogging uses a combination of chemicals to achieve the deterrent effect. Chemicals are generally not advised to be used when dealing with wildlife. More often than not, these processes, including fogging, create more problems than they solve, and they often interfere with the health and wellbeing of other wild animals by accident too.

At the same time, however, it must be remembered that, although these fogging techniques will often require the use of chemicals, they also provide a cost effective way of dealing with a problem that almost every city in the world has to deal with these days — the overpopulation of birds, and the vast quantity of droppings they leave behind. Fogging is often a cheaper option, and deals with getting rid of the birds, preventing the droppings and other problems before they arise.

There are other methods of bird removal that we would advise you look at before taking up the idea of bird fogging. It is not a method that you can do at home, with some of the equipment costing over a thousand dollars and more. This is a technique that will need trained professionals to come out and do it for you, not something you can DIY. If you do try DIY bird fogging methods, you are likely to kill the birds, as well as yourself, or seriously injure them. You could also put your family at risk, as well as your pets, other pets in the neighborhood.

Aside from bird fogging, you should look at bird net installations for prevention that works, and spike installations can be useful, although they still come with its fair share of problems. There are even bird trapping methods that you could use, but we would advise using these as a last resort. Trapping birds often leaves them injured, and if they are injured they won’t survive in the wild when you release them again.