Bird Net Installation

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One of the methods that you can use for bird removal and prevention, alongside bird fogging and spike strips, is bird net installation. It’s pretty much as you’d think it would be really — a system of netting that is arranged on the surfaces that you don’t want birds to land on. They don’t like the netting so much, being a flexible material that moves with their weight. They’re also more likely to get tangled up in net than in other materials, which can pose a problem for overly persistent flyers, but does often do the trick rather well.

There is no one-size-fits-all system for bird net installation, and this means that it is another of those jobs best left to the professionals. Will you be using bird spikes at the same time? Do you know the places in which the netting should be installed? Are the birds on the exterior of your building only, or have they already ventured inside? Do you have a nest somewhere that you’ll need to remove?

You’ll need to know exactly how much of the netting you should order, and what kind of netting too. These are things that the professionals — wildlife removal specialists — will know and already have to hand. They’ll probably turn up at your door with a van filled with everything they’ll need to get this job done, whereas you’ll more than likely need to check out local hardware stores to get whatever you’re missing. Some of these items can be very expensive, especially if you over-order. Bird spikes are a classic example of this. You’ll also be quite annoyed if you don’t buy enough of something, such as netting, to get the job done properly. And then there are other things to take into account too, such as making sure the netting fits in with the aesthetics of your property.

The bird you’re having a problem with will have a bearing in what kind of material you need too. If you buy large-spaced netting, smaller birds will still be able to fly through the gaps. If you have a mixture of different birds causing a problem, you may need to look at a combination of the two to ensure everything is covered. Once again, this can get expensive, particularly if you have a large space to cover.

Another job that is definitely best left to the experts, bird net installation is actually much more complex than you first may have thought. That’s before you get into the legalities of the situation, such as making sure you’re not handling any endangered species unlawfully, and also ensuring that you don’t have other animal problems, such as bats, alongside your birds. Sadly, this is often the case, and if you do a little research you’ll still need to call in the professional for this, because moving colonies of bats is actually a very risky business. That’s the most definitely the case when you’re getting the law involved ...